Technology Innovation

Zhejiang Institute is China’s first institution engaged in R&D of ODS alternatives in the fluorine chemical industry with the fullest range of product varieties and the most patents. At present, Zhejiang Institute has applied for over 40 national patents. presided over the preparation of 2 national standards, successfully developed more than 40 varieties of ODS alternatives, and a dozen of awards at all levels for scientific and technological achievements such as National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and Zhejiang Provincial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. It was also granted the “Golden Award for Contribution to Ozone Layer Protection” by the State Environmental Protection Administration, and the “Award for Contribution to the Phaseout of CFCs/Halon under the UN Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer” by UNEP.

National Engineering Research Center for ODS Alternatives

The National Engineering Research Center for ODS Alternatives was approved of establishment by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 1999. Over the last decade, driven by the domestic and international market demand, the Center has carried out research and development of the technologies of ODS alternative preparation, complete set of engineering and application with independent intellectual property rights, and speeded up the industrialization, commercialization and internationalization of the scientific and technological achievements. It has developed 17 new varieties of ODS alternatives and 12 ZCI series mixtures, most of which are pioneering inventions in China and enjoy independent intellectual property rights. The Center provides products covering most of the varieties from the second generation to the latest fourth generation of alternatives, keeping its development pace with the international level, and currently develops the full range of ODS alternative products in the world.

In the process of new product development and engineering scaling up, the Center has also developed proprietary technologies in gas-phase fluorination, liquid-phase fluorination, heat and catalytic chlorination, telomerization, catalytic hydrogenation, catalyzed sorption, extraction and fractionation and other chemical reactions and chemical engineering fields.

At present, the Center has 35 ODS alternatives receiving licensed patents for invention, establishes and perfects China’s product standards on ODS alternatives, develops 20 corporate standards on relevant products, and presides over and completes the preparation of 7 national standards and 1 industrial standard, providing standard support to the ODS alternative production and refrigeration industry.

The Center now has become an engineering research center with first-class talents, technology, equipment and management system, and is capable of designing ODS alternatives projects.

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