Technology Innovation

In terms of the new pesticide R&D, through continuous inputs and development, Sinochem now has more than 100 R&D specialists including outstanding technical leaders , and establishes China’s only complete R&D system integrated with compound optimization and synthesis, biological activity screening, safety evaluation, formulation processing and production technology development. With its outstanding R&D achievements, Sinochem has won three National Awards for Technological Invention (Second Grade) and one Golden Award of Patent, and had 4 official patents registration out of 8 temporary registration.


National Engineering Research Center for Pesticides

Backed by Shenyang Chemical Research Institute, the National Engineering Research Center for Pesticides (Shenyang) (the “Pesticide Center”) was approved in 1995 and accomplished in 1998. The Pesticide Center undertakes to research and develop new pesticides, and improve the ability of pesticide research and innovative development; carry out engineering studies on new pesticides and speed up the industrialization of the pesticide research results; carry out studies on key and generic technology in pesticide production and update the technology to improve product quality and process technology; conduct digestion, absorption and innovation of the introduced technology; and improve the evaluation on pesticide safety technology and environmental impact.

The establishment of the Pesticide Center has significantly improved the facilities and experimental conditions for pesticide research, and enhanced China’s original pesticide innovation capacity by exerting a certain influence on the international market. By strengthening the technological innovation capability of the pesticide industry, the Pesticide Center has played a supporting role in the technological progress and structural optimization and upgrading of the pesticide industry. During the operation for over a decade, the market and commercialization--oriented Pesticide Center has realized a virtuous cycle and mutual promotion between scientific research and production, set a model of organic combination of technology with economy, achieved fruitful research results, led the direction of pesticide R&D in China, and promoted the technological progress of the pesticide industry.


National Key Laboratory for New Pesticide R&D

Backed by Shenyang Chemical Research Institute, the National Key Laboratory for New Pesticide R&D was approved of construction by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2007. Following the development trend of international pesticide industry, the Laboratory is oriented by domestic and international market demands to carry out R&D of new pesticide varieties with independent intellectual property rights. In 2010, the Laboratory passed the conclusion exmination by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Laboratory sets up four research divisions for synthesis of new compounds, process development, process technology and technology for application together with a well structured academic team under an open and competitive operation mechanism.

The establishment of the Key Laboratory has enhanced the Shenyang Chemical Research Institute’s capability of basic researches on pesticide application, and further improved the country’s consideration on safety and environment implication for new pesticide compounds during R&D; promoted ultra-efficient pesticides and improved the impact on environment; helped to discover new active substances with new functions and enhanced environmental compatibility; and focused on the study on plant regulators to improve the biological selectivity.

Centering on technological innovation, the Laboratory has instant access to the latest international trends and strives to make China become a country that is capable of inventing new pesticides with independent intellectual property rights.


National Southern Pesticide R&D Center, Zhejiang Province

National Southern Pesticide R&D Center (Zhejiang) was approved of establishment by the State Scientific and Technological Commission in April 1996. It was one of the fifteen key scientific and technological projects during the enforcement period of the “Ninth Five-year Plan”, and was examined and accepted by the Ministry of Science and Technology in November 2000. Zhejiang Base has a complete R&D and innovation system covering extensive fields and with strong technology base and advanced means of scientific research. It owns 10 laboratories centered on R&D and synthesis, imitation and synthesis, synthesis scaling up, structure identification and analysis, biological activity determination and safety evaluation; biological activity testing instruments and equipment for a full range of new pesticides including insecticides, fungicides and herbicides; experimental conditions and equipment for new pesticide safety evaluation from phase 1 to phase 3; as well as pesticide formulation laboratories and multi-functional pesticide pilot plants etc. to ensure smooth and effective work of new pesticide R&D.

Since 2000, The Centre has synthesized over 4,000 chemical compounds, successively undertaken dozens of critical projects and technology support programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and obtained 44 licensed patents for inventions at home and abroad.

The Centre has developed 3 varieties of high-efficiency and low-toxicity pesticides with independent intellectual property rights. The high-efficiency and low-toxicity new methoxyacrylate fungicide ZJ0712 developed independently by it is featured with broad bactericidal spectrum and high bactericidal activity with outstanding performance fending off powdery mildew, downy mildew and anthracnose. This product now has completed a temporary national pesticide registration and achieved excellent marketing results. In addition, the new efficient herbicides ZJ0273 and ZJ0702 for rape fields, jointly developed with Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have been supported by the production lines with an annual capacity of 10 tons of formulation and 100 tons of fininshed products.

The establishment of the Centre has strengthened the technological innovation capability of Sinochem and the pesticide industry at large.

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